Imagine a world where stacks of paper are no longer needed when you draw up a contract.

Imagine a world where stacks of paper are no longer needed when you draw up a contract — any contract. Buying a new house, signing an employment contract, getting a new bank account — so many contracts, so little time. 

A smart contract negates the need for a middleman, sort of like the way Uber and Airbnb have taken away the intermediaries in their respective industries. Once mass adoption occurs, smart contracts will change the way we do admin-intensive tasks forever. 

But what makes it a SMART contract? See for yourself.  

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1:05 buying a home with smart contracts


we all may be familiar with what our

contract is it’s an agreement to do or

not do something in the future within

certain parameters and under certain

conditions smart contracts bring the

concept up to date their contracts

written into lines of code and are self

executing that’s why they’re smart as

such they avoid the need for trusted and

expensive intermediaries think about the

joys of buying a new home it’s a pivotal

moment for lots of people buying and

selling a house is incredibly complex

when it should be a matter of

transferring money in exchange for

property if certain conditions are met

you need a lot of middlemen from lawyers

to bankers and surveyors and will likely

be faced with an extra fee or tax here

in there it’s so expensive and stressful

that it takes the shine out of most

people’s dreams of a new life now

imagine doing that in a foreign country

foreign borders foreign rules and a

whole set of other unknowns smart

contracting relieves you of those

headaches putting a smart contract

together will help provide more

transparency and efficiency this creates

more trust and the transaction can be

fulfilled without the need for

intermediaries to be involved once a

smart contract is set up watch the

process begin once all the conditions

are met you.